From Burgers to Biscuits



My first encounter with the oldest British tradition in the book.  A good ole afternoon tea with fellow study abroad students in central London.  At the tea we were generously served a cornucopia of delicate treats including pastries, cupcakes, finger-sandwiches, and most importantly scones; for beverages, we were offered both tea and coffee.  As Americans, the group and myself probably ate a bit too much at a increasingly rapid pace, as we are still learning the polite manners native of the Brits.

Lessons Learned:

  • How to eat scones:  
  1. Place a full scone on an empty plate
  2. Cut the treat in half sideways to you have to flat, patty-like pieces of bread
  3. With a knife, gently spread some clotted cream (a think butter-like spread) on each piece of scone
  4. On top of the cream, knife s dollop of flavored jam
  5. Neatly and slowly eat each piece of scone with your fingers – NOTE: Scones are about the ONLY food that the English eat with their hands – they even eat pizza with a fork!
  • Polite Table Manners:
  1. Always place hands on top of the table, for others may think you are doing something innapropriaate or sneaky if they cannot see them
  2. Use silverware for almost all foods
  3. Finish the food on your plate before having seconds
  4. Eat your entire mean, the Brits aren’t to keen on taking food to-go
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One thought on “From Burgers to Biscuits

  1. UKhome

    so funny how peole see / make sense of England!

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