Basics of the Brits

It has only been a couple weeks and I am still adjusting to the British lifestyle.  I thought to enhance my attempt I should probably explore the most common aspects of the country.  Apart from visiting the famous historical sites, other things in London have also been around for years; who can live in London without having and old fashion fish n’ chips an a local pub or having a picture taken in one of the famous red phone booths.  Well, I can now say I’ve crossed both those tasks off my list!  I might add that the original British meal (called the “Codfather” at the pub The Torch) was everything I had hoped for and more.  Although I am used to ordering Fish n’ Chips all summer down  in Cape Cod, that is about the only time I refer to french fries as chips.  Here, as many know fried are ALWAYS refered to as chips and what I know as chips are called crisps.  The slight differences in lingo have troubled me quite a difference so I thought it might be a help to list a few out for you.


                                                             Tongue Tied
America/The States                                     United Kingdom

Chips                           =                           Crisps

Policeman/Cop      =                            Bobby

Thank you                =                            Cheers

Sneakers                    =                            Trainers

Class                            =                            Module

Professor                  =                            Lecturer

Vacuum                    =                             Hoover

Pants                         =                             Trousers

Underwear             =                              Pants

(You can imagine where that one can make for some embarrassing moments..i.e. telling a Brit you’re going to change your pants)

Waiting Line           =                              Queue

Bathroom                =                               Toilets/Lou

Middle finger (swear) =                      Backwards Piece sign (index & middle finder up)


………more to come as my journey abroad continues

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