Welcome to Oxford

Last weekends I went on a day trip up to the beautiful town of Oxford, England.  It was frigid out and I could barely feel my toes, but let me tell you it was well worth it.  From the university to the bookshops, Oxford seems like a wonderful place to live.  I did not know much about Oxford University (rated number one school in the world) until I had the tour and learned how extravagant it truly is.  The University is actually split up into 38 separate colleges with different names, administration and grading systems;  it’s not like there is a college of business and a college of history, each college has a plethora of areas of study. All of the colleges combined are then referred to as Oxford University.  Another way to look at it would be to take all of the Ivy League schools (like Harvard, Brown, Columbia etc) and put them in the same vecinity and refer to the cobonatin of them all as Ivy League University.  Each one of the 38 colleges is unique in its own way with its own claim to fame.  Here are a list of all the current colleges of Oxford:

All Souls, Balliol, Brasenose, Christ Church, Corpus Christi, Exeter, Green Templeton, Harris, Manchester, Hertford, Jesus, Keble, Kellogg, Lady Margaret Hall, Linacre, Lincoln, Magdalen, Mansfield, Merton, New, Nuffield, Oriel, Pembroke, Queen’s, St Anne’s, St Antony’s, St Catherine’s, St Cross, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda’s, St Hugh’s, St John’s, St Peter’s, Somerville, Trinity, University, Wadham, Wolfson, Worcester               [some of the more well-known I have put in bold]

One of the most famous buildings at Oxford, one of the numerous libraries/study rooms is shown here.

Study Room at Oxford

Study Room at Oxford


All of the plots of grass at Oxford are very well kept and the only people allowed to walk upon the lawns are alumni of the university.  When Oxford holds a reunion, which is often, former graduates come to the school and run around on the grass celebrating the Oxford tradition.






On the way up to Oxford we stopped at Oxfordshire near the old town of Woodstock to tour the Blenheim Palace, home to the Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.  The palace is located on a gorgeous plot of land gives to the first Duke by the queen as a gift.  The Duke still lives in the private apartments on the left side of the palace where he is not to be disturbed.  The plot of land includes  a pond, a long driveway and a grassy plain filled with herds of sheep.  As you can see by the photographs below, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England is absolutely beauteous

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace


The Duke's backyard

The Duke’s backyard










Tower in the back of the palace

Tower in the back of the palace


The buildings in the small town of Woodstock

The buildings in the small town of Woodstock

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