An Eggselent English Easter

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday festivities whatever they might have been because I sure know I did.  For my Easter abroad, we organized a big potluck type dinner with several of the flats in our building all from API (my study-abroad program).  We weren’t quite sure how it would turn out since we all had to rely on one another’s cooking skills.  In total we had about 22 people and everyone made more than an adequate amount of food.  Our meal consisted of a cornucopia of dishes ranging from shrimp to Macaroni.  Our delicious three course meal contained:

Appetizers: Shrimp Scampi, Cheese & Crackers, Various Fruit, Salad, Garlic Bread, Veggies and Ranch dip, Deviled Eggs, Seven Layer Salsa Dip with tortilla crisps

Main Courses: Two oven – roasted chickens with gravy, Baked macaroni and cheese, Chicken Rossini , Shepard’s pie, Baked chex mix & Green bean casserole

Desserts: Chocolate pudding pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate chip – peanut butter – banana cookies, Chocolate cake, Double chocolate chip cookies & Apple Pie

To say the least, it was a spectacular feast!

My additions to the feast were the cheese plate (consisting of brie, cheddar, and prosciutto), the two seasoned roasted chickens, garlic bread, and my famous deviled eggs. We spent the whole day lounging in the flat eating our faces off going up for seconds, thirds, and even fourths!  It was so nice to hang out with everyone in the program and be with people whose company you enjoy since we would all usually be with our families on Easter day.  Everyone was tired and full to the brim when it was time for bed.  Some of the dishes were completely gone, but there was a plethora of left-overs for the next few days.  I was a little down thinking I would be missing my family a lot on the holiday, but I am so lucky to have such a nice group of kids to have shared the day with; I wish there were more holidays coming up before the end of the program so we could have another potluck feast.  easter547529_503222066382247_1223347965_n

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