Beachin in Brighton

One of my last excursions while in England was the coastal town of Brighton.  Famous for it’s retro pier and extroverted inhabitants, Brighton proved to be an exciting hip place to visit with friends.  While there, I was lucky enough to have  toured the Royal Pavilion.    It was built in three stages, beginning in 1787, as a seaside retreat of George, Price of Wales who became the Prince Regent in 1811 and later King George IV.  The Indo – Saracenic style architecture of the massive building adds a heightened sense of wealth; it was if the pavilion was one of the extravagant mansions described in the Great Gatsby.  With the audio guide that comes with the self-guided tour ticket, you can learn a lot about the history of the palace and the royal history of Brighton.  Numerous famous and wealthy people think of Brighton as a second home, or used to at least.



On the Pier you will find arcades filled with any kind of game you could imagine.  Families and people of all ages come from all around the world to experience the fun-filled amusement pier.  Alongside the games are stands of souveniers, greasy snacks and sweet treats, jewelry and much more.  There are of course rides at the end of the pier, which you can see in the photograph on the left.  It was quite chilly when I went but I hear that there are long lines at every ride when the sun stays out in the summer.

My favorite thing about Brighton was the endless coast.  For what seems like hundreds of miles all you can see is the greenish-blue shoreline of the English Channel.  My friends and I relaxed on the rocky sand and took in the unique atmosphere that surrounded us.  Brighton is indeed full of people from both ends of the spectrum, and everywhere in between!

DSCN6819If you are planning a trip to England, I would certainly recommend taking a day trip or spending the night in coastal Brighton.   DSCN6786

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